How it Works

We try not to make things too complicated. It’s simple to book.

  1. Choose your service.
  2. Select a service tier.
  3. Tell us where we’ll meet.
  4. Get your pro match.
  5. Book it.
  6. Prepare and relax.
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Total Beauty

For when you need “the look”. We’ve packaged our most popular services so you don’t have to.

Simple Beauty

Beauty your way. Craft a personalized experience from our menu of services.

Beauty for All

SBGI Consulting prides itself of rebuilding the lives of individuals around the globe. If you or anyone you know has been through or is currently going through any hardships or maybe just wants to feel better about themselves please contact us to obtain our services at a discounted rate and in some cases complimentary.

Our Professional Network

We partner with your favorite Salons, Spas, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artists, Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Fashion Stylist, and Fashion Designers to provide our clients with an unique, professional, and quality beauty and fashion experience. Our partners are located all over the US and several countries around the world and all possess a wealth of knowledge and skills!